Charles Darwin: On the Origin of Feces

24 Jun


When Charles Darwin landed upon the shores of the Galapapoos islands the scientific community would be changed forever.

Darwin, a young English Naturalist, had long theorized that the variety of feces was due to the processes of evolpootion. These processes, most notably natural selection (often referred to as ‘survival of the shittest’) suggested that a particular type of feces was more likely to succeed if it had a greater ability to adapt to its environment.

Darwins theories faced a great deal of skepticism from his peers. The conservative view points of his day refused to believe that all feces derived from a common ancestor; scientists refused to believe the origin of life may have developed from the gradual evolution of molecules contained in the primordial poop into life as we know it now. However, Darwins voyage on the HMasS  Beagle would help prove the skeptics wrong.

When Darwin visited the Galapapoos islands, he noted that the feces on the island had developed separately from surrounding areas. This provided Darwin an opportunity to study the mutations which occurred in the feces on the Galapapoos Island. One of his main observations was the variety in the brown hues of the feces and the remnants of diet (primarily corn) prominent in the field dwelling feces. One of Darwin’s favorite feces, (second only to the prairie dog) was the ‘The DooDoo bird’. While on the islands he focassed the majority of his time studying its movements. Darwin truly loved the movements of the Doo Doo bird and would have been deeply troubled when it went exstinky.


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