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Fartichoke dip


At 50 Shades of Brown we care about our subscribers from the bottom of our farts. As a result, we’ve decided to share one of our most spoocial recipes for the holidays… it’s short and/or sweet

Fartichoke Dip

Step 1: Grab a fist whole-d of brown sugar.

Step 2: Pound it. This is a good thing.

Step 3: At this point many have found that massaging the brown paste is beneficial.

Step 4: Immediately gather a basin. This is crucial * (ass-trix)

Allergy Warning: This dish is not for the faint of fart

Step 5: Dump the brown sauce into the basin. Bring to boil.

Step 6: Please employ the Anus Air-Raider (the recipe demands a fart in every tart)

Step 7: You may feel a crunch coming on as you bite in.

Step 8: Make a nice spread on your guests.. and enjoy!


Stay poositive this season

Merry ChristmASS and Happy Pew Year!


*Full commitment is needed from here on out

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